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Pain, trauma and anxiety do not have to be 
a life sentence

It's hard sometimes to receive healing when we feel like we need to take care of everyone else first.

Sometimes we can resist receiving nurturing care when we don't feel like we've earned it yet.

Perhaps we're afraid to be free within, worrying if we let go of holding it all together we might lose control forever.

But none of these things
are true 

Settling into a space of skillful, non-judgmental, compassionate listening to what is calling for healing helps your body and mind begin to feel safe, let go of trauma, calm anxiety, balance your brain, be able to open your perception to new
possibilities for your life.

Pain can be released, neurotransmitters optimize, a mood of optimism can flourish.

Exhaustion can be replaced by renewed vitality, tight breathing can open to easeful fullness, timidity steps forward
into gentle boldness.

I took a chance on doing these things, and it changed my life

I was beat up so much in my life. From early childhood on, I felt like something was really wrong with me, that I was worthless. 

Family instability, neglect, rejection and inappropriate sexual attention, created a state of untreated anxiety that would
go on for decades. 

I tried to cope by escaping into alcohol, attempted to find redemption in dysfunctional and abusive relationships and generally underachieving throughout my life.

I would take a few steps forward then sabotage myself back to square one. 

One day I decided to take responsibility for my life and stop beating myself up

I did this through God's leading, delving into Biblical principles for healing, started going to alcoholics anonymous, working the 12 steps, and engaged in several world class, trauma recovery and transformation coaching trainings.

Healing is a process of trust, faith, surrender, accountability and learning. I learn more about myself and practice
new skills daily. 

I've learned how to come back to a place of centered calm when the inevitable stresses of daily life show up, and how to respond to unforeseen, stressful events aligned with God's will, courage and confidence.

I've learned to be compassionate and patient with myself and others, and embrace a growth mindset instead of being the meanest person on earth to myself.

I've learned simple mind-body practices and nutrition strategies that have helped me heal severe chronic pain symptoms,
regulate my nervous system, relax and feel safe in my body, and cultivate the inner capacity to more clearly identify and step into the life calling God has for me.

I thought suffering and futility were going to be a life sentence for me, but instead
I learned how to let go of that which doesn't serve me anymore and step into safety, peace and joy within. 

Learning how to deeply relax and feel safe within is a gamechanger, for your health and your life.  

Peace is possible.
I'd love to show you how. 


"My peace I leave you, my peace I give you. Not as the world gives it. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." John 14:27
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