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Healing and Coaching for Couples and Families

People were created by God to live in thriving, loving, safe relationship with Him, husbands and wives, parents and children, extended families and larger social groups. 

Generational healing is possible!

Can you imagine if your parents had access to healing their trauma, and helping you heal yours, when you were a child? How differently might your life have looked? How about if they had access to healing their trauma before you were conceived? Or even before they met?
Family trauma healing creates a safe, nurturing environment for everyone, which gives children the safety and care they, and their future children to come, need in order to realize their full potential and grow into a hope-filled life, free of the pain and suffering that unresolved trauma brings into their relationships. God heals the generations! 

How Family Healing Works

We start with a conversation, to get to know the healing vision you have for your family and explore what's blocking that from being present right now. This gives us a sense of what's needed moving forward. The goal of this healing process is to support each member of the family in healing trauma and to coach the group as a whole on how to create safe communication for all group members, taking the family from a place of stress and anxiety to a place of peace, love and joy. 

Depending on your family or couple's dynamics and goals, we will use advanced bodywork to heal the effects of trauma in the nervous system, and individual and group coaching, age appropriately.
The objective is to create healing and develop safe communication skills to generate a new family interaction where everyone feels acknowledged and valued. 

Please contact me for a free consultation regarding your family's path to healing!
Family Kayaking
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