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Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions will I need to resolve my health issue? 

In working with people since 1995, I've seen a consistent pattern with those who seem to maintain their healing results and stay relatively symptom free and those who seem to rebound from healing to experiencing symptoms again. This is largely due to the nature of, well, life! We don't always eat perfectly, sleep or move like we should or live stress free lives, so over time we can develop stress induced symptoms again. 

When someone receives regular bodywork and addresses the underlying causes of their symptoms, the body is supported in staying healthy, the immune system is strengthened and we are generally more resilient to the unavoidable stresses in our daily lives.


We are dynamic beings with many factors at play in the formation of symptoms, and healing occurs as a process. While one session can provide a lot of relief, depending on one's symptoms most people feel a significant difference within 5 sessions or less, but may require treatment for a longer period for full recovery. Adding Trauma Healing Coaching can speed up the healing process and is highly recommended!

An analogy of the healing process that God showed me is of a plant that looks as though it's not going to make it, just a stem left and a few sad, curled up leaves hanging off of it. Then someone says, "I'm going to try to revive this plant," and they water it, fertilize it, speak lovingly to it, give it the right sunlight, temperature, etc. Then in a few weeks, it's budding leaves again and in the next season it bears fruit! This is how our healing process goes as well. When we connect with God and give our bodies and soul's the love, care and nourishment they need, they revive and thrive! It takes some time and care for that plant to return to life, but it can, and more than that, be better than before. 

How often should I get treatments? 

This is really dependent on the cause of your symptoms and response to the first treatment. Many people respond so well to one session they don't need more for awhile. One to three weekly sessions are usually recommended in cases of acute pain or injury, or a recent traumatic stress event.


Session frequency also depends on what's going on in your life currently. If you are in the midst of a stressful time, such a loss of a loved one (including pets), divorce, major job stress, or healing from a chronic illness, after you have experienced healing from the initial one to three weekly sessions you may want to engage in a maintenance routine of a session once every four to eight weeks for continued support for your new state of wellness. 

Because life is stressful and ever changing, especially in our current times, having consistent monthly or every other month wellness sessions can make a big difference to your physical and mental quality of life and is highly recommended!


Coaching sessions work the same way. Depending on your healing goals, you might choose to have one session, or weekly, every two weeks, monthly or even quarterly sessions. Package pricing is available.


We don't water and fertilize a plant just one time, but with a little regular care, it can reach it's full potential!

Do you work with children? 

Yes! From newborns to teens, young people often respond faster than adults to trauma-informed bodywork because their nervous systems have had less time to generate learned neural patterns related to trauma effects. Generally their brains and nervous systems have more "neuroplasticity," which means greater flexibility to heal and have more resiliency to stress. 

This work is especially helpful for newborns and infants as it helps to normalize affects from pre-birth or birth trauma, helping to set the stage for healthier development as they grow. The first 5-7 years of life are crucial as it is now a widely accepted understanding that our personality and worldview is predominantly set by that age, so it's very important for children to receive healing to help resolve the affects of trauma to their nervous systems!

Some symptoms of unresolved trauma stress in babies and children are digestive issues, inconsolable crying, inability to sleep, attachment anxiety, headaches, acting out aggression toward siblings/other children, dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, autism spectrum symptoms, pain with no discernable cause, teeth grinding, sleep walking, etc. 

With children it's also vital to consider the role the whole family dynamic plays in influencing the development of babies and children; parents need healing too! Please see the "Healing for Couples and Families" page for information on family healing.

I schedule 30 min sessions for babies, working within their tolerance, and children under 12, and hour sessions for teens under 18. 

What is your professional education and training? 

B.S. Medical Technology, Michigan State University, 1988

Irene's Myomassology Institute, Massage Therapy, 1996

Upledger Institute, CST 1 and 2, SER 1 and 2, Advanced Craniosacral Therapy, 1995-1997

Polarity Therapy, 1998

Clinical Hypnotherapy, 2001

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, 2006

Landmark Education, Introduction Leader, 2007

Canadian College of Osteopathy, Sphenobasilar and Sacral Dynamics, 2007

Bible-based Chaplain, The Freedom Center, 2016

Diet and Lifestyle Intervention Coach, The Wellness Forum Health Institute, 2017

Bowen Therapy, 2018

Fascial Stretch Therapy, Level 1 and 2, 2019

Advanced Soft Tissue Release, 2021

Psycho-Physiologic Disorder Coaching, PPD Association, 2021

Emotional Awareness and Expression Therapy (EAET) with Dr. Howard Schubiner and Dr. Mark Lumley, 2023

Internal Family Systems (IFS) Foundations, 2023

Graduate Ontological Leadership Coaching, Newfield Network 2023

Will my medical insurance cover this therapy? 

Some insurances or workplace healthcare accounts will reimburse part or all of your expenses if you submit a receipt for your holistic treatment on your own. You can check with your insurance provider to see what therapies they cover and how to do that, and I can give you a receipt for your session to submit to them.   

What are the different techniques you use and how do they work? 

Please see the "Bodywork and Trauma Healing" and "Healing for Couples and Families" pages for in-depth descriptions of all the therapies I use and how they work. 


I'd love to chat and hear about your healing needs. I offer a complimentary discovery coaching call to all new and potential clients. At that time we can see if what I do could help you with your unique health condition and to meet your wellness goals. 


*If you have any other question not covered here, please feel free to reach out via the contact information on the contact page!  

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