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Theresa Miller MT(ASCP), CST, FST2, ASTR, Medical Intuitive, Healing Coach, Certified Chaplain/Prophetic Healer

I've been where you are. 

I've suffered with stress induced illness. I know the ropes of navigating through what can feel overwhelming when trying to heal. I've learned that even when I feel the most hopeless about my ability to heal, when I utilize certain simple yet powerfully effective mind-body healing techniques and prayer, miracles can happen. 


By using the same practices I share with my clients I've gotten freedom from debilitating pain, gut issues, addiction, anxiety, depression, fear, hopelessness, and unforgiveness from a lot of relationship trauma in my life.


This process has freed up the vitality that's inherent in my body and soul, brought health transformation and renewed wellbeing. It's given me more resilience in the face of daily stressors and greater ability to cope when they come up. My greatest passion is to bring hope to people that healing is possible for themselves and their families, even from conditions that have seemed insurmountable. 


I was drawn to the world of healing from a young age, wanting to be a doctor since I was 7 years old. I was fascinated by medical things and how the body can go from being sick to well. I studied Medical Technology in University and worked in the medical field for several years as a Medical Technologist after graduating. I loved the science of medicine and thought it would save humanity, but what I saw in the working aspect of it was something quite different.


My experience of working in allopathic medicine revealed a bureaucratic, profit driven, power dominated system that oftentimes did not offer healing, but dependence, social control and symptom management. Not empowerment, love, compassion or health freedom. Not much support, freedom or empowerment either for doctors and nurses and other medical professionals that really wanted to help people and make a difference. I was sad and disappointed and I realized that didn't see a long term professional future for myself in that system.  

I had begun studying for the MCAT when I discovered the world of holistic healing in 1993 and dove in head first. This was a light shining in the darkness to me. I knew this was the truth and I knew I wanted to live it and practice it and share it with people so they could be empowered to heal themselves. 


I also discovered during my early holistic training days that God created me with a high degree of intuition and the ability to see into the body and the quantum and spiritual realm. I eventually developed the ability to intuitively discern the causes of a person's health problem, physically, emotionally and even spiritually. It made sense; as far back as I could remember, even in infancy, it seemed that I could sense a world beyond this physical world.


Combining my medical and holistic health education with highly refined intuitive abilities and a Bible-based relationship with Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit, I have learned a lot about how the mind and body work together. 


I've come to see that our mind has the biggest impact on our body, even more than food or exercise. Those things are extremely important, of course, but the mind's influence on the body is primary in creating health or illness, and impacts how we eat, digest, sleep, move, how our hormones work, our energy levels, the choices we make and so much more.

I learned we empower healing the best when we treat the soul and body together. In almost 30 years of training and experience, the vision I first had about how to heal the whole person has become a rewarding reality!


I'm praying for your healing and welcome hearing from you. Be well and be blessed!

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