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Theresa has been invaluable to our family. My son, husband, and I have gone over 25 times combined. I brought my teenage son into Theresa due to a shoulder injury from lacrosse. Theresa not only relieved his shoulder pain, she got my son back on the field weeks before traditional medicine said it was possible. The most impact was how Theresa brought my son out of his dark emotional state. The impact she has had on our teenage son is invaluable and there aren’t words to express the impact she’s had on his day to day mental health and wellness. He’s a completely different teen and asks to go see Theresa!


My husband saw Theresa for his knee pain and swelling which he’d been battling for over 4 years. Traditional medicine was not able to find a cause. After the first two visits my husband had relief in his knee and it’s been that way for over 7 months. For me, Theresa has changed my life. I had a lot of emotional trauma that I didn’t even realize existed. This created both emotional and physical pain throughout my body. The emotional trauma was affecting my reactions to everyday life and my relationships. The physical traumas included neck, back, hip, and headaches. I sought chiropractic for years but in just a couple of visits with Theresa I had relief which I’d sought for over 20 years. I have not seen the chiropractor in over a year, I don’t have pain in my neck, hip, or back. I’m so grateful for Theresa and I tell all of my friends and family to please go see her because I believe that the gift Theresa has can change the lives of so many people. She completely changed our family and I will forever be grateful. -Tammy G., South Lyon, Michigan



I was in a near fatal car accident 13 years ago and had several severe injuries requiring many surgeries. Since then I sometimes experience pain that can be excruciating and put me in a wheelchair for days at a time.


Theresa has helped me many times but one time that stands out was when I was in utter pain and could barely walk. After the session I literally got off the table and could walk. I could walk without pain! I danced!! She just has an incredible way of knowing exactly what, where and how the body needs healing. Thank you Theresa! -Laurie Marvel, Whitmore Lake, Michigan


I had a severe ankle sprain about 3 years ago and have had intermittent pain there since then, even after physical therapy. When I came to see Theresa the pain was a 5 out of 10. I had started working out again and was getting concerned whether I'd be able to continue.


After Theresa worked on my foot, lower leg and ankle for 10 minutes the pain was completely gone. It's been about a week, and after 3 workouts, it hasn't returned. It's really been a huge gift that I can workout without pain and it's amazing to me that it only took 10 minutes. What a blessing. -Judy Francis, Birmingham, Michigan


Theresa has a true gift. She has assisted myself and my family for over 20 years. Her intuitive strengths allow each session to go deeper into the pressing issue of the moment. We always experience multi-layered improvement whether it is a long time structural issue or a brief out of alignment/pain issue. No two sessions are alike yet they are always deeply nourishing and transforming for us all. 

Over the years she has addressed spinal alignment, ribs, shoulders, teeth, ankles, grief, anxiety, etc. We have seen her weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and sometimes only quarterly. I feel blessed and grateful to know her and have her on our team for this life. -Lori C, Detroit, MI


After my sessions with Theresa I feel renewed strength, calm, assuredness and balance in myself. I've been going through a very stressful life change and working with her has made a tremendous difference in my strength during this time. Working with her is an incredible experience that grows with each session. -Helen B, Howell, Michigan

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